Capoeira Academy offers a range of community and corporate workshops for all ages and abilities. The workshops are tailored to your needs and can be structured as a one-off or on-going for greater skills development. Workshops are offered in Capoeira, movement and dexterity, Brazilian dance, drumming, percussion, singing and acrobatics.


Capoeira Academy offers a different workshop experience – the history of resistance, Afro-Brazilian culture and the strong spiritual and musical aspects of Capoeira means that our workshops create a safe space for learning and personal growth. Participants will regain a sense of mental and physical balance, reduced stress or anger and appreciate the joy of life!


Depending on the specific workshop, participants will enjoy improved fitness, strength, agility, flexibility, self-esteem, confidence, self-defence and personal growth.


If you are a not-for-profit organisation, special community group rates may apply.


Yes! Tailored courses and workshops are available- feel free to call or visit Capoeira Academy to discuss your needs.


Please note: All instructors are qualified and insured. Women only instructors are available by special request.