The philosophy of Capoeira Academy is to respect all the students, preserve the roots and traditions of Capoeira, and train Capoeira in all its aspects: as a fight, art, dance, music and culture. We endeavor to teach and educate so that Capoeira will grow in a positive healthy way. The Capoeirista who starts the game with the intention to hurt his or her opponent has the wrong idea of what Capoeira is all about. Capoeira is an art that should be played with pleasure where inspiration and dedication comes from the heart.


We attempt to pass on to the students physical and mental methods of training so that they learn to create situations and maintain a dialogue within the game. By playing both with friends and enemies, students learn to deal with any situation in or out of the roda we also encourage the students to learn the Brazilian language and customs, so they can become true Capoeiristas.


Our technical instruction uses a methodology to facilitate step-by-step progress in each and every class. As you progress, you will gain courage and experience and notice improved accuracy and agility.


“Don’t get discouraged if you are not able to perform a back flip in the first week! With patience and perseverance, you’ll definitely get there”.