Capoeira Academy seeks to promote cultural and human values based on honour, love and respect. It hopes to accomplish these goals by spreading the art of Capoeira in and through universities, schools, clubs, associations and diverse communities. It also hopes to emphasize the lessons inherent in its Brazilian cultural and historic roots and by doing so, promoting social integration between people of different backgrounds and classes. Preserve, develop, and share the art of Capoeira with integrity, and to use Capoeira to enrich disadvantaged communities and the lives of people from all backgrounds. Provide the space for participants of all ages and abilities to participate in meaningful activities that engage body, heart, and mind, and serves as a valuable cultural resource. Capoeira Academy promotes individual and community values of respect, cooperation and freedom. To emphasize all the elements involved in Capoeira as a vibrant Brazilian cultural movement and martial art. You will practice the attacks incorporated with escapes and develop acrobatic movements. You’ll learn how to apply these moves dynamically in the game (Jogo) as you play in the center of the circle (called the Roda). Also you will learn about the history and culture of the Brazilian Art Form.

Whatever if you want to become a great acrobat, a great Capoeira player or a great Capoeira singer, perhaps you just want to get a good work out to burn a few extra kilos… all of these goals can be attained at the Capoeira Academy. We will show you the correct tools for this development.