Capoeira Academy is part of the international Energia da Bahia Capoeira group, started by Mestre Alfredo & Nei Boa Morte in 2010 in Sydney-Australia.
Nei Boa Morte opened Capoeira Academy in 1995 as the first full time Capoeira academy in Sydney and he has worked hard to ensure that Capoeira has a strong future in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


Capoeira Academy is committed to increasing our knowledge in the art and contributing to the evolution of Capoeira. We hope to strengthen cultural diversity in Australia by sharing our knowledge, skills and love of Capoeira with the wider community. Capoeira Academy provides students with the opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge of Capoeira and the Brazilian Culture.



Capoeira Academy seeks to promote cultural and human values based on honour, love and respect. It hopes to accomplish these goals by spreading the art of Capoeira in and through universities, schools, clubs, associations and diverse communities. It also hopes to emphasize the lessons inherent in its Brazilian cultural and historic roots and by doing so, promoting social integration between people of different backgrounds and classes. Preserve, develop, and share the art of Capoeira with integrity, and to use Capoeira to enrich disadvantaged communities and the lives of people from all backgrounds. Provide the space for participants of all ages and abilities to participate in meaningful activities that engage body, heart, and mind, and serves as a valuable cultural resource. Capoeira Academy promotes individual and community values of respect, cooperation and freedom. To emphasize all the elements involved in Capoeira as a vibrant Brazilian cultural movement and martial art. You will practice the attacks incorporated with escapes and develop acrobatic movements. You’ll learn how to apply these moves dynamically in the game (Jogo) as you play in the center of the circle (called the Roda). Also you will learn about the history and culture of the Brazilian Art Form.


Whatever if you want to become a great acrobat, a great Capoeira player or a great Capoeira singer, perhaps you just want to get a good work out to burn a few extra kilos… all of these goals can be attained at the Capoeira Academy. We will show you the correct tools for this development.



Capoeira offers a diverse range of skills, uniquely it is one of the few martial arts that is played in constant movement to music and all Capoeiristas develop skills in both the physical and spiritual side of Capoeira. If you are considering training Capoeira, then the following excerpt may help you!


From Diana Davila

“The truth is, there really isn’t a “best” martial art style. It all depends on what you are looking for, how effective the teacher is at training you, and how hard you work to perfect your skills. Some martial arts styles stress street combat, others stress sports skills and competition, and others stress internal energy or chi, while still others are traditional arts that stress perfection of technique, self discipline and etiquette. The best style out there for you is the style that helps you meet the goals you have set for yourself, and that pushes you to take your skills to the next level… Just because a style doesn’t focus on whatever it is you are interested in doesn’t make it a bad style, it just makes it not the right style for you. Be wary of anyone who says otherwise. There is a long running joke in the martial arts, that basically says when someone says X is the best style, what they really mean is “I study X”. Keep an open mind and open eyes, and you will find the style or styles that best fit your needs.”