Capoeira is an old art that combines martial arts, dance and music. It was firstly conceived within the slaves in Brazil to conceal their fighting techniques in a dance. So while it seemed that they were dancing they were actually learning attacks and defences to use against their oppressors.

Capoeira has experienced many different stages and has bred many different styles and ways.

But the Capoeira we have now is in part still conserving that fighting essence and will for freedom with which it was conceived but at the same time has become a social thing were you can make a lot of friends and definitely have a good laugh!

So which is your reason to play Capoeira?

Doing amazing kicks? Breathtaking backflips? Or perhaps impress everyone with your new six pack and your awesome skills playing the Drums?

No matter what you are looking for, Capoeira definitely will bring it to you!

Remember, you don’t choose Capoeira, Capoeira chooses you!!!

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