Welcome to our Kids Holiday Capoeira Activities for this year! Activities and workshops to let your children learn the art of Capoeira while they have fun, make some friends and do some exercise!!




15 April 2014

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm


Bourke St Public School

590 Bourke Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

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Full day

Payment Details

Daily $77.50


Advanced notice in writing is required for any applications for refunds.
No refunds will be considered after the completion of the course.
Partial refunds will not be issued for non-attendance.
Applicants are entitled to a refund under the following circumstances:

1. Written notice of withdrawal from the program received 7 days prior to the camp. Notices of withdrawal after this date will not be eligible for a refund.
2. Medical reasons, supported by a detailed medical certificate. Will incur a cancellation fee of 50%.
3. Should any of the programs be cancelled due to insufficient numbers or circumstances out of our control, students shall be entitled to a full refund.
4. Should the KCHA be over booked and unable to accept more participants, students will be fully refunded.

General Information

What do I wear?

The dress code is flexible. Please ensure students wear casual dance, track suit clothes – something that can be moved in freely e.g. leggings, dance pants and a
singlet top or Capoeira uniform It is preferable.

Will I get a break?

There will be 15 minute breaks after each class and a 45min break in the middle of the day for lunch.

What else should I bring?

  • A WATER BOTTLE! It is important to stay hydrated.

  • Hair elastics

  • Band-aids

  • Notebook and pencil (to write down anything new you may have learned, new combinations you want to remember, or to write down numbers of new friends).

  • A Folder may also be useful for handouts during singing.

  • Food/Snacks

  • It is advised to bring a packed lunch, snacks and lots of water each day. It will not be permitted to leave the studio to purchase food.

Valuables and Lost Property

Students may take all bags and valuables into the studio. Whilst every effort will be made to clear the studios before locking up, KCHA cannot take responsibility for lost items. Students must remember to take all belongings with them at the end of
each day. Mobile phones must be turned off during class; they may be used during the breaks.


There will be both male and female bathrooms.

Warming up

In order to avoid injury, warm ups are conducted at the commencement of every lesson

Class Behaviour

Students must be on time to every class. A 5-minute warning will be given before each class starts if they wish to warm-up themselves. Students must be respectful towards teachers and abide by their instructions. If everyone is well behaved, the
teacher will be happier and hence provide a better class.


Supervision will be provided during break times. Please ensure that students are picked up on time after the last class at 3:30pm. Supervision will end 15-minutes after the final class. If parents are running late, please contact our office on 0412 071 319 or 0404 808 181.