Dedicated to the loving Memory of Mae Natureza (Mother Nature) Dona Cleuza Boa Morte (16/05/1946 – 13/06/2013)

Mae Natureza 2013From those of us who were lucky to have shared the love, laughter, food and family life with Dona Cleuza, a formidable woman who raised 10 children, multiple grandchildren and forever had an open door & welcome smile to the many visiting Capoeristas – this Batizado will be dedicated to celebrating the life of a memorable woman. Mestre Nei Boa Morte invites you to come to the 3rd Energia da Bahia Festival.


Please show respect to Mae Natureza by bringing your best ‘energia’ during the festival week!


Remember, Mestre Nei Boa Morte and his family are mourning the loss of a mother and grandmother – this Batizado needs all the love, energy, laughter and perhaps a few tears that we can give it.

Viva Energia da Bahia!!!!! Viva Mae Natureza!!!

Guests who will be holding the classes

Mestre Nei Boa Morte – Energia da Bahia
Mestre Formiguinha – Grupo Topazio
Mestre Rodrigo – Grupo Senzala
Instructor Gaivota – Energia da Bahia
Instructor Cabeludo – Energia da Bahia
Monitora Abacate – Energia da Bahia
Michela “Estrela” – Energia da Bahia
Formado Rayson – Farol da Bahia
And Clo Mudrik – Is a circus artist, a dancer/performer and a Physical Education and Capoeira teacher, coordinator/choreographer of the dance company ZambaBem Dances,producer of Live Brazil Festival in New Zealand.

Non members price

$182.50 full event (t-shirt not incl.)
$147.50 weekend only (t-shirt not incl.)
3 workshops $102.50
1 workshop $42.50
T-shirt $37.50

Members ACA and EdB price

$202.50 full event (include event t-shirt)
$172.50 weekend only (include event t-shirt)

NOTE: Payment must be received by the 27th of September, late payment will incur 10% fee.

Check out the Timetable and “Sign up” below!